Rooted Movement Balance Training

Rooted Movement Balance Training

By Transcend Bodywork & Aaron Gustafson LMT, CAMT, Reiki Master.

Portland Massage, Chair Massage, Myofascial Body & Energy work

What the heck am I talking about?  Simple.  Roots secure and nourish the tallest organisms on the planet.  We have roots too.  The best part is that ours move!  The benefits of balanced roots reach much deeper than simple comfort and ease . This exercise will ensure you become familiar with your roots.

    It’s important to cultivate an open, communicative and patient relationship with your roots, in whatever state you happen to find them.  For further exploration of Rooted Movement be sure to check out the Classes Page.  Invest in your roots: support local business, check out the Gift Certificates page and the Supporters Page.

Mother Earth wants to support you! Live in balance,