Easy Habits

This quick tip about good phone habits raises a great topic:

Few things satisfy more than bodywork that alleviates pain. I’m an even bigger fan of the expanded sense of self I experience by receiving bodywork when I’m not experiencing any pain. I find a deeper, more subtle awareness of my own center: presence, balance, and connection with sensations that offer new, refined pathways to freedom and ease. Finding this deeper center always strikes me as a bit nutty, because I think I feel “normal, present and comfortable-(ordinary consciousness)” before receiving the bodywork in the first place!

I’m in love with the idea that: “There is a deeper state of bliss, comfort and wholeness of being, waiting to be experienced by shifting “ordinary consciousness” via investing in deeper relaxation and subtlety of awareness.

The point is: Please make use often, of every ease and comfort generating idea and piece of technology (ergonomic enhancement) available to you. This frees your awareness to notice more subtle observations of your own posture, creating an opportunity to live in balance and avoid chronic pain.

And I thought this would just be about phones!
Enjoy Comfortably,