Strong Stable Support


Strong Stable Support

Myth: Feet need to be supported.

Reality: Feet are designed to support themselves and you! Give them a chance!

Most folks grow up protecting themselves from the paved world with shoes on their feet. This suggests: It’s harsh out there and you can’t survive without protection, support and armor. This message gets reinforced by the predominant “traditional” treatments for foot problems which involve expensive ongoing external supports
and/or surgical “fixes for a faulty system”. Far fewer and far smaller advertising budgets are dedicated to treatments which teach the body how to strengthen, change and heal from within, and cease dependence on the profit-oriented medical system. Let alone dependency on the shoe industry! Phooey huh!?!

Many of us have not had the opportunity to feel what our structurally trustworthy feet can do for our overall comfort. (They’re the foundation of it). Comfort comes from strengthening and learning to trust our structural center. This center of trust is the axis of freedom and enables efficient, independent action. What I’m suggesting: You are adequate and worthy, you can trust the sensations you experience in your center, your home- once you’ve done the work to find yours. Peacefully listening from this home of comfortable balance, you can hear enthusiastic adventure beckoning your heart toward your dreams.


Healthcare is a hot topic these days.

I’ve noticed a growing tsunami of revolutionary health practitioners who are willing to possibly work themselves out of a job, by training you to be OK on your own! (I’m one of them) Learning to take care of yourself, and keep your health in balance, is the cheapest health care there is! Want to strengthen, heal, trust and love your own feet? Here’s some handy -sorry- I mean footy : ) info, that can help: Take your shoes off! Let your toes spread out and be free – Treat it like a workout at first- when your feet say they’re tired, thank ‘em for working hard, give ‘em a rest, and support ‘em until they tell you they’re ready to work out again. Check out the previous entry or the links to the right for more “barefoot technology” articles and links. See my Free Feet video earlier in this blog for something to do right now if you’re trapped at your desk thinking about your sore feet. Try a pair of Correct Toes, made in Oregon, podiatrist designed and clinically proven by Dr. Ray McClanahan, who discovered he didn’t have to do so much surgery to heal feet and legs and help people perform better.

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The “Eye of the Foot” opens when the arches open, and distribute the shock of weight bearing as they were meant to.

-Excerpt from:

Rooted Movement Class

 Give your feet a chance to support you. It won’t be long until your nervous system wakes and tissues strengthen, discovering a whole new world of comfortable choices for your toes, feet, ankles, legs…

From the ground up, rise up and shine comfortably.

Thanks and enjoy,