Foot Wisdom With Dr Ray McClanahan

Foot Wisdom With Dr Ray
Saturday, April 3, 2010

Meet Podiatrist Dr. Ray McClanahan, the inventor of Correct Toes toe spacers. You’ll also find his wisdom featured in this April’s Running Times Magazine article on Transitioning to Less Shoe. This video exposes the basic flaw behind confining feet to classical “shoe position” which can lead to many modern foot problems. The theory is simple, if you skew the foundation of an arch, the arch will lose it’s integrity. Once we’ve lost integrity, we need outside support, such as arch support. Arch support for most feet, is simply a crutch enabling folks to avoid rebuilding the inherent support their arches could provide if strong; arch integrity that was lost because we put on, and learned to walk and run in shoes! Minimalism is here to stay. Barefoot is only making more and more sense to the masses. Check out the video below of Leif Rustvold who runs over 100 miles within 24 hours with no foam cushioning or external arch support whatsoever! Trust your bones when you have them in the alignment they’re built for!

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