Psoas Strengthening and Release

Psoas Release and Strengthening Stretch
Tuesday, April 27, 2010

If we’ve worked together at my office, most likely we’ve discussed and worked with your Psoas, and you’ve felt the benefits of tuning in to this muscle.

If you don’t know where this muscle lives or what it does, then you are at it’s mercy. It can be quite a pain in your ass, back, hip, leg, neck… yes it’s that influential. Psoas is essentially a Keystone of the body, tying together the forces of the upper and lower halves. In this video I share the combination strengthening/release posture that has taught me the most about my own Psoas, and how it both participates and feels within overall body-balance.

BUILD INTO THIS GRADUALLY! ANY INCREASE IN LENGTH/OPENING YOU FEEL IN THE FRONT OF YOUR SPINE IS TO BE SAVORED. DO NOT TRY TO DO TOO MUCH TOO SOON. MOVE SLOWLY, IF IT HURTS DON’T DO IT, OR TRY TO FORCE/ENDURE THROUGH IT. Watch the entire video and read the instructions before use. If you have spinal issues, consult your doctor before engaging any exercise. You do not need to bend as far as I do in the video, to help open the front of your spine & experience the benefits of this posture.

Trying this posture, even if just once a day, can help build balance and core strength, and you don’t need to be a gymnast or yogi to do it!

Enjoy Comfortably,