Cubicle Kung Fu: The Chair in Your Knees, Exercise for Sit-Stand Desks

Inspired by Martial Arts and Myofascial Anatomy, the Chair in Your Knees is a favorite exercise useful for increasing stamina and comfort while standing at Sit-Stand desks, doing dishes, cooking, etc., in addition to helping: (Just need a quick reminder without all the explanation? Scroll down for the abridged version.)

-Cultivate presence in base of support (feet, legs, pelvis, spine, ribs).

-Cultivate awareness of center of gravity and balance.

-Increase strength and adaptability of the spine.

-Relieve low back, sacroiliac (SI joint), hip and leg pain.

Follow the video to learn the exercise.  Don’t force it or try to power through frustration.  If you get fatigued or experience pain, stop the exercise and wait until you’re refreshed to try it again.  It becomes easier with repetition and I’m excited for you to feel the benefits of your practice.  If it hurts don’t do it.

Please share any questions or comments if you have them.

Be well,

Aaron Gustafson LMT, CAMT II

Here’s the abridged version: (Watch the full version to learn the intent, the why and the how.)

… and here’s one more from the archives about softly holding center: