Your Rib is Not Out, It’s Just Freaked Out.

Your ribs aren’t “out”(that would be excruciating and you should be in the Emergency Room).  They’re probably just freaking out! They’re freaking out because they’re trying too hard to do too much at once.  They’re overworked community members within the community of you.  You’re the leader and management of this community; it’s time to engage and smooth out community relations.

If you ever get those painful catches in your back or shoulders, it’s worthwhile to go through the list of what they might be doing and invite them to chill out. Enjoy this video to help you tune into what your pains might be up to, and invite some relief!

This isn’t rocket science either, this is simply using imagination to access mind-body connection and anyone can do it.

Pick two points in your body and invite length and space between them with breath.  As you exhale imagine the points releasing each other, setting down the weight of whatever they’re holding.

This can be applied to any tension in the body, not just ribs.  I use this technique of focused awareness and release when guiding my clients to find tension patterns that were flying below their radar.  I call them “Confidence Patterns”, which applies to compensation patterns, posture patterns and movement patterns.  They are the unique nervous system strategies an individual has adopted to feel confident, strong and in control of their sensation and motion.  They’re the patterns we use to feel “normal”.  “Normal” is great until it isn’t, and pain, discomfort, or limitation alerts us that our “normal” has problems.

If we’re the fish, Confidence Patterns are the water we swim in.  We often can’t tell they’re there until they change or leave.  In other words, you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.

It’s amazing to invite someone’s armpit to float tall out of their hip, or to let a foot dangle out of their head, and watch it happen as they laugh in amusement at themselves while their sense of “normal” and their body expands.  Much chronic pain and restriction is rooted in an individual’s Confidence Patterns of normalcy.

Take some time to focus inward and travel with your breath on an exploration of you.  Find pain and suffering? It’s an individual just like you that wants to help and do the right thing.  Initiate a dialogue with it and be open to what it has to say, as the boss you’re the only one that can care for it and deliver what it needs.  Having trouble on your own?  That’s why I’m here.  I look forward to working with you.

Be well,