Martial Arts Influence in Technesoma Myofascial Therapy

Martial Arts were one of the last places I expected to find healing.  But there it was.  Mind blown.  After only a couple years of practice, I found my life, my body, and my bodywork had changed for the better.  Enjoy this short video on how Martial Arts profoundly influenced me as a bodyworker.

This knowledge and experience is a part of everything I do, and nothing makes me happier than to share it with my friends, loved ones, clients and students.  Come and get it!  Enjoy some bodywork or take a class!

Be well …well(s) and water go hand in hand; live Bruce’s quote: “Be water my friend.”.  While you’re at it, scroll down and flow deeper into some of my other Martial Arts influenced video.


The ending clip and video thumbnail are from 2010’s Softainability:

Explore standing comfort with the chair in your knees:

Click Here for the full 6 minute Chair in Your Knees video.

Groove out on the symmetry of Wing Chun to the music of Plumblyne.

Until next time!