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Technesoma-DefinitionGenerating comfort within your own skin.

Transcend Bodywork is the husband and wife team of Aaron and Rachel Gustafson. They live in southeast Portland with their daughter Chloe and son Kadan.  You’ll find Aaron and Kadan shredding on Mt Hood in the Winter, or speeding on wheeled things in the Summer.  Chloe enjoys working hard at dance year-round.  Rachel gracefully balances management of both the family and the Transcend Bodywork office, while still fitting in her daily workout and furthering her education by taking classes to become a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner.

The Bodywork Aaron practices is called Technesoma (translation: ‘Craft-Body’).  Technesoma is a unique blend of manual therapy techniques utilizing Myofascial Touch and Creative Visualization Mind-Body techniques, with influences from Pain-Free Deep Tissue Massage, Shamanism, Reiki, and Kung Fu.  Aaron further developed this blend into self-care and bodywork classes known as Rooted Movement.  Technesoma therapy and Rooted Movement offer a safe environment for resetting relationships with physical suffering and exploring the personal emotional, intellectual and spiritual growth that often accompany physical healing.Peace-TouchKads-dad-sskiGustafson-Family @ Grandma

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