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Auto Accident Massage in Portland, Oregon

Transcend Bodywork offers enjoyable treatments for your auto accident recovery.

Office visits are available Tuesday through Saturday. (click to book an office visit now)

We are happy to bill auto insurance* for your treatments, so no out-of-pocket cost to start feeling better today (*A valid insurance claim # and a prescription for massage from your physician are required for insurance billing.).

Your Recovery and Healing Process:

With specialized training in Myofascial Massage Therapy treatments for both whiplash and soft tissue injuries experienced during an MVA (Motor Vehicle Accident), Transcend Bodywork provides relief at any stage in the healing process, acute or chronic.

Acute: Tension in soft tissue makes it more “brittle” and injury prone than relaxed, flexible tissue.  For this reason, habitual tensions including postural holding patterns and compensations, are most likely to be injured in an accident. Our usual habits of strength, movement and being in control of our sensations are simply unavailable, and our body becomes a very uncomfortable place to be, working overtime just to keep it together.  In this acute stage, Myofascial Therapy helps calm the nervous system in order to discover comfortable strategies for supporting the injured areas or movements until they’ve restored integrity.

Chronic: “The __name a body part___ has been bad since…”  These words often describe injuries in the chronic stage, unresolved due to normalized compensation patterns that were originally useful in bracing the injury, but are now holding a capable tissue back in a state of mistrust and suppressed feeling.

Myofascial Therapy works with the most innervated tissue in the body: fascia or connective tissue.  This fascial network ties all body systems together and acts as the keeper of limits and guardian of boundaries.   By helping facilitate a new owner/operator relationship with movement and holding patterns as regulated by fascia, Myofascial Therapy offers life-changing options for ease, comfort and lasting change.

This is my favorite part of accident treatment – what started as an unexpected crisis becomes an opportunity for transformation as chronic habits of bracing, holding and armoring against experience are forced via injury to reset while beneficial new habits are created consciously.  Once the healing process has moved into hindsight, many whiplash clients report being grateful for the accident acknowledging it forced them to give up chronic patterns and create new ones during the healing process, often feeling and moving better than they did before their accident.

Accidents and recovery suck whether you’re in the middle of them, or if you’re left dealing with the chronic aftermath.

We’re here to help you through and look forward to working with you during your healing process.