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Grain free yummy bars

These grain free yummy bars are a great snack or dessert.  We love eating them and they rarely last more then a day or two.  These are slightly adapted from the recipe on Grain free yummy bars 1 C. Almond meal 1/4 tsp. sea salt 1/2 tsp. baking powder 1/2 C. almond butter 1/4 […]

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Grain Free Wraps

It’s back to school and the daily grind over here, and we needed something new and different for lunches. I’ve been working on this grain free wraps recipe and really like how they turned out.  They’re great alternative to the regular sandwich.  You can even use the wraps as a crepe and add some fruit, […]

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Olympic Cupping: Octopus Attacks Elite Athlete’s Fascia

Olympic athlete cupping marks, everybody is buzzing about them.  What’s with them, and why on earth would anyone intentionally be attacked by an octopus to perform better? Great questions, and I can’t express how overjoyed I was to hear the Sports Anchor say the words “Myofascial Decompression” during a national broadcast. As a myofascial therapist, I love anything that informs […]

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Grain-Free Blackberry Crisp

  This weekend I made the most delicious grain-free blackberry crisp.  We’d been getting these yummy, juicy local blackberries from Unger Farms at New Seasons Market recently and I just had to make some yummy dish with them. Here’s the recipe: Grain-free Blackberry Crisp Preheat oven 350 degrees 3-4 C. Blackberries, rinsed 1 C. Cassava Flour, I […]

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Why soaking your nuts is best

When I started the Nutritional Therapy program at Nutritional Therapy Association, one of the first food concepts I had to wrap my head around was the practice of soaking nuts before consuming them to break down the enzyme inhibitors. Who knew you had to soak your nuts?  So, I’ve dived into the realm of nut […]

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Weekend at Nehalem River Ranch

  We began by setting up our tent next to the Nehalem River.  Then we walked through the pasture and met the feast goers to watch the ancient techniques and magic of cooking over open flame.  The smells were delicious, and watching them cook was so very interesting.  Excitement was in the air as we […]

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Nutty Fat Bombs

Made these easy yummy nutty fat bombs last night for a quick snack.  These are great for pre and post workout, or just anytime quick snack.  It’s full of essential fatty acids, healthy fat and some collagen protein.  Gives you fuel to burn to satisfy hunger. Nutty Fat Bombs 1 C. Almond Butter 1/2 C […]

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Cubicle Kung Fu: The Chair in Your Knees, Exercise for Sit-Stand Desks

Inspired by Martial Arts and Myofascial Anatomy, the Chair in Your Knees is a favorite exercise useful for increasing stamina and comfort while standing at Sit-Stand desks, doing dishes, cooking, etc., in addition to helping: (Just need a quick reminder without all the explanation? Scroll down for the abridged version.) -Cultivate presence in base of support (feet, legs, pelvis, spine, ribs). […]

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Sugar Madness

  Why all the fuss about sugar?  What’s so wrong with a little bit of sugar?  The truth is a little bit can be ok, but the amount of sugar americans consume is beyond a bit.  The average american consumes roughly 140 pounds of sugar a year. Which is 6 oz or 170 grams a […]

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