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Balancing interdependence for liberty. All things tensegrity.

Your Rib is Not Out, It’s Just Freaked Out.

Your ribs aren’t “out”(that would be excruciating and you should be in the Emergency Room).  They’re probably just freaking out! They’re freaking out because they’re trying too hard to do too much at once.  They’re overworked community members within the community of you.  You’re the leader and management of this community; it’s time to engage and smooth […]

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Olympic Cupping: Octopus Attacks Elite Athlete’s Fascia

Olympic athlete cupping marks, everybody is buzzing about them.  What’s with them, and why on earth would anyone intentionally be attacked by an octopus to perform better? Great questions, and I can’t express how overjoyed I was to hear the Sports Anchor say the words “Myofascial Decompression” during a national broadcast. As a myofascial therapist, I love anything that informs […]

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Big Toe Alignment and Arch Support.

So simple, yet so overlooked.  I wish I had learned this before my feet had become weak, floppy paddles (read more about that here).  Sure there’s tibialis posterior, anterior, etc., + the myriad of intertwined soft tissues comprising your body’s tensegrity that have a role in controlling the arch too.  But the majority of work anchoring the supporting ends of the medial arch, […]

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