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Neck and Shoulder Pain Positional Self Release

  In the original spirit of this blog (freely available healthcare and life-force for the common Joe): I hope to save your pocketbook and your liver the cost of that Advil®. Because screw that aspect of symptom-suppressing Western Medicine that avoids addressing root cause of things you can fix yourself with a little care and “looking into”.  Enjoy […]

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Feel The Bern! FREE PRINTABLE BERNIE SANDERS POSTER. Your Healthy Body is a Socialist Community.

If your healthy cells, organs and systems wanted to name their political philosophy they’d be socialist and you’d be their egalitarian leader.  Why don’t we try treating the country like a healthy body?  We have the chance now!  Elect Bernie Sanders and put the “We” back in  “We The People”.  Right click this image and “download” or “save […]

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What is Shamanism and how does it influence Aaron’s bodywork?

Shamanism is an ancient tradition occurring globally, yet arising independently within separate indigenous cultures.  A central Shaman or Medicine Woman/Man working with spirit and the wisdom of nature acts as intermediary between ordinary consciousness and spirit.  Shamans use this ability to diagnose & heal illness, lead societies and influence events in harmony with nature and […]

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My Lems Review

Lems Shoes My Lems Shoes review, an adventure in Youtube clips. (and other media) There’s a scene in Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium where he describes his life-relationship with shoes. Here’s the only clip I could find:  Magorium’s lifetime shoes (click the link to open the clip in a new window) I grasped this scene on […]

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Plantar Fasciitis or Fasciosis?

Happy October everyone! For most folks in the Northern Hemisphere, sandal & barefootin’ weather has passed, and feet everywhere are beginning hibernation within cozy shoe-shaped caves.  Do you think the shape and size of the cave you hibernate in can make a difference how you feel come Spring?  Enjoy the latest video I made for […]

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