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Neck and Shoulder Pain Positional Self Release

  In the original spirit of this blog (freely available healthcare and life-force for the common Joe): I hope to save your pocketbook and your liver the cost of that Advil®. Because screw that aspect of symptom-suppressing Western Medicine that avoids addressing root cause of things you can fix yourself with a little care and “looking into”.  Enjoy […]

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Fitting Ski and Snowboard Boots for Minimalists and Barefooters

The video covers the essentials in 2 minutes.  Read on for the whole story. You’re a minimalist or barefooter, you’ve liberated and strengthened your feet, your arches support themselves, and you trust your feelings in your feet when they tell you they like what you are doing with them, or not. You honor and maintain your feet by choosing […]

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Feel The Bern! FREE PRINTABLE BERNIE SANDERS POSTER. Your Healthy Body is a Socialist Community.

If your healthy cells, organs and systems wanted to name their political philosophy they’d be socialist and you’d be their egalitarian leader.  Why don’t we try treating the country like a healthy body?  We have the chance now!  Elect Bernie Sanders and put the “We” back in  “We The People”.  Right click this image and “download” or “save […]

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