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Correct Toes Modification, Technesoma & Mentoring

Summer/Fall 2011 Newsletter

Correct Toes Modifications Video,

Technesoma™ Myofascial Therapy

& Mentoring

If you are experiencing any discomfort from your Correct Toes, the problem may easily be eliminated with one of the simple modifications* in this new video with Dr. Ray:

1. Decrease pinky toe strain/overstretch.
2. Increase bunion/great toe straightening.
3.Accommodate thick toes.
4.Eliminate any uncomfortable pressure points.
*Unsure? Contact us for assistance before you cut them.

THE OTHER FANTASTIC NEWS: I am now offering simple Mentoring options (Click here to learn more) for interested bodyworkers, and finally have branded the unique method of Myofascial Therapy and Personal-Growth bodywork that I share.


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Technesoma™ Myofascial Therapy

My regularly offered continuing education classes will be retreating into the Chrysalis for a little while, as they undergo metamorphosis to embody the Technesoma™ Brand. They are currently offered as a Mentoring option only. Click for details.

I look forward to unveiling exciting new partnerships and offerings this Winter 2011/2012 that bring the wisdom of Technesoma™ to anyone seeking balance, ease and sustainable comfort.

I appreciate you, thank you for sharing this ongoing adventure in healing with me. I look forward to hearing from you and being of compassionate service, be well,


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