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Rooted Movement: Integrate

Rooted Movement: Integrate

Techniques for Trauma and Mind-Body Integrity.

Rooted Movement seminars provide experiences that plant Idea Seeds.  They’re perennial and continue to grow when nurtured with intentional, playful practice.

-Let the ideas have a place in your thoughts.

-Play with and apply them when thought of.

-Ask all questions, follow where they lead.

-Repeat, indefinitely.


Rooted Movement: Integrate focuses on Mind-Body Connection and techniques for changing trauma based relationships within the body, and will plant these Idea Seeds:

1. Feelings of Myofascial balance and resiliently powerful musculoskeletal tensegrity.

2. A relaxed, sensitive, grounded center and structure.

3. Thinking like a tree: Vertical access to Chi (Life force).

4. Sensation-Awareness-Release cycle, the opposite of the pain-spasm-pain cycle. Explore the possibilities that lie beyond no-sensation toward ecstasy.

5. Release to move, move to release. (Non-telegraphic, distally-intrinsically-recruited economy of motion.) -Nuggets of Martial Arts wisdom thanks to Bruce Lee.

Make every moment of your day a meditation and practice in soft, open, sensitive, energetic, conscious, intentionally grounded and supported center.

Deepen your experience.

Take a 2 hour, 2 CE intro class*, or a 7 CE 1-day seminar*, and explore the skeletal and fascial anatomy responsible for energetic stability and power. Learn and begin to train unique movement patterns for efficient, comfortable body mechanics and career longevity.

2 hour intro presents the Rooted Movement philosophy of Trauma and mind-body connection as they relate to compensation patterns and whole-body integrity.  Learn an innovative treatment approach to restore open, healthy mind -body connection and relationship.  Extremely relevant to manual therapists, learn mind-body principles to work with trauma based compensation patterns.

-7 hour, 1-Day Seminar covers the above, plus training and practice in hands-on and mind-body techniques to address neurofascial core imbalances and recruitment patterns that may be the result of trauma or repetitive stress. Learn to help cultivate generative mind-body relationship in yourself and your clients.

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