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Fall 2018 Newsletter

Happy Fall All!

A quick thought for the turning of the season as we “leaf” what no longer serves us behind.

I skipped doing this update in video form as I’ve been working on the 2 videos you’ll find further down the page.

Scroll further down for New Socks, New Classes, Videos, and insurance updates.

The Importance of Receiving Bodywork When You Feel Fine.

Life has corners.  Corners when and where life takes a new direction, unable to turn back, we must leave behind the old and grow with the new.  We sometimes see them coming, often we don’t.  A loved one passing, a baby being born, a risk being taken, an experience had, expansions of consciousness can change everything, for good!

Getting right to the point, turning some of these corners makes it difficult to be in our bodies.  Some corners are experiences of pain, loss, sadness and grief, making our bodies unpleasant places to be.  We tighten, and constrict to keep our unpleasant stresses under wraps, and our bodies are faithful servants trying their hardest to help our consciousness feel unfettered by theses stressors.  When our bodies have reached the limit of what they can suppress and contain, a symptom of our suffering spills out into consciousness.  Most folks wait for this experience to seek bodywork.

Other corners are liberations, where we let go of a pattern, a burden, or have an epiphany that frees us from our old constraints.  This is exactly what receiving bodywork when we feel “normal” can provide.  Expansion, freedom, new mobility, a deeper sense of self and greater embodiment in the here and now are waiting just around the corner to meet you, especially if you are looking for them.  Sometimes we don’t know what we had ’til it’s gone. I can hardly think of a more pleasant experience than letting go of a burden we had normalized and didn’t know we were carrying!

Don’t wait until a symptom has spilled into awareness to come for bodywork.  That’s fine and good, and we’ll get what ails you taken care of.  I’d far prefer to have the focus of our time be liberating and anchoring an expanded sense of you present in the here and now.

In loving service,


A simple way to think about bodywork frequency:

1x a month is maintenance.

1x every two weeks is the minimum to make progress on an issue or work toward change.

1x a week or more is bliss, and optimal for resolution of pain, injury and changing postural and movement patterns.

With this in mind, I am making a change to my discounted packages.  Packages of 3 sessions purchased after 10-12-18 now expire 3 months from purchase.  The goal is to motivate a commitment to at least a maintenance frequency for bodywork. 

New Fall Socks:

Click here to check them out. New colors of Injinji Outdoor and Trail socks, perfect for fall and winter, are in stock.  You now have the option to choose free “Local Pick-up” as a shipping option and pick up your order at your next session.  Save 10% with this code: 10offsocks


New Ethics Class offered once a month: Next is Weds. Oct 24th 2018, then again on November 14th.  The focus is ethics of verbal interaction when working within the Biopsychosocial model of Pain Management.

Click the photo to learn more:

Rooted Movement Live Seminars:

Coming in early 2019.

Please check out these videos explaining Dominant Support Leg, what I sometimes refer to as “Primary Relationship”.  Primary relationship is the foundation all other movements and expressions of force are built upon.  Asymmetries from this relationship can be the sole source of pain for some clients.

Rethinking Dominant Leg: The Art of Rooted Movement

Assessing Dominant Support Leg

Click here to learn more.

Insurance Update:

Reminder, re-enrollment is just around the corner.  You must ask specifically if your plan includes Massage Benefits!  Many clients were disappointed this last year to learn that even though I accept their Blue Cross, Providence, Aetna or Cigna Insurance, their plan had a specific exclusion to covering Massage.  Be sure to check with your HR folks.  I can check your eligibility if you send me a picture of the front and back of your ID card.  You may either text them to 503-407-6046, or email them to

Make it a wonderful season!  I look forward to seeing you soon.

‘Tis the Season
Art by Aaron, drawn @ age 13