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How do I download my GIFT CERTIFICATE(s)?

-You will receive an email with your order details following successful checkout.  This email contains a link to your downloadable certificate.  You will also find your download links on the my account page once you are logged in.

How do I download my CE CERTIFICATE?

-You will find your .pdf certificate on the my courses page > click on the ‘completed courses’ to access a record and the certificates of all your successfully completed courses.

Does Aaron’s bodywork hurt?

-No.  The most intense sensation intended during any session is what many clients call “Hurts-so-good.”.  Aaron describes this sensation as “good-stretch-feeling” – the tender, sometimes warm and mild burn of an appropriate stretch.  If the sense of appropriate fades, or you are thinking “Ow.”,  you should be saying “Ow.”, so we can stop that thing.   We don’t want you to put effort into bearing through or tensing to control a scary or painful experience or sensation from any of Aaron’s techniques, or suggested self-care activities.

How many sessions will it take for my ___________ to feel better?

-The big question.   The answer is: it depends.  It depends on what it is,  how it got that way,  how it’s being cared for (by self and/or others), can we address root cause, or is it something unchangeable that needs managing to maintain quality of life?  The answer is as individual as you, and the effects of bodywork sessions unfold and are integrated at uniquely individual paces.  In addition to feeling change as it occurs during the session, many people continue to notice change and increasing mindfulness from 2 up to 14 days following a session.

Many lingering pains that can be traced to a recent activity or overuse are greatly relieved in a single session.  If the same place or body part always complains with strenuous activity, treating it as a chronic issue that needs some repeated work for retraining and resolution is ultimately preferable to managing just the symptom by waiting until it’s already hurting to schedule treatment.  For chronic pain or postural and ongoing repetitive movement issues, we typically learn the pacing, and time needed for integration that’s right for you at the follow-up to your initial session.  A follow-up within two weeks of your initial session is highly suggested for any pain-resolution goals that require more than one session.  The techniques and education shared are intended to empower you to find and maintain ease within.

After resolution of pain, many clients prefer and look forward to maintenance sessions scheduled monthly or seasonally.  A quote from a client: “I love these sessions even when I arrive feeling “normal”, I get find places and experiences of “more-good” in my body that were hiding beyond that initial sense of “normal”.