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Insurance and Benefit Plans Accepted:

Medical Insurance:

  • We accept Aetna Insurance.  Not all plans include a Massage benefit*. A referral for Massage from your PCP, or preauthorization may be required for your plan.
  • *Let us check your benefits: Email or text a picture of the front and back of your Insurance ID card, along with your birthdate, and I’ll let you know how to access your benefits for massage.

Auto Accidents:

We bill auto insurance when you’ve been in an accident.

  • You’ll need a prescription or referral for Massage from your treating physician – be sure to ask them for it.  Your MD, DO, ND or Chiropractor can write these referrals.  We are happy to collaborate and communicate closely with your health care team.

Most Doctors are happy to write referrals for massage, but they might not think of it, unless you bring up that Massage is helpful for you.  Speak up and ask them to help you access your Massage benefits.

Flex Benefit Plans and Medical Savings Accounts (HSA):

These plans vary individually.  Some require a referral from your physician to access payments for Massage.  Many do not.  Check with your individual plan what is required to access Massage.

  • We can accept payments using a flex benefits debit card.
  • We can provide the paperwork you’ll need to be reimbursed from your HSA, when paying out-of-pocket.