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“Nourishing souls with whole food.”



  •  Complementary Nutritional Therapy Intro, 30-minutes 

You share your health story with me including your concerns, challenges and goals.  I will give you an idea how we might approach your particular nutritional challenges and concerns together. These 30 minutes are not the time to give you specific recommendations, but to see if we’d make a good team in achieving your health goals.  We meet either over the phone, Facetime, Skype or in person, which ever works for you.

  •  Initial Nutritional Therapy Consult, 60-minutes $60

To more deeply explore your health history, you will fill out several detailed intake forms prior to this consult.  These include a health history, an online nutritional assessment questionnaire, and a 3-day food journal.

We will review and analyze this information to understand how your health relates to your nutritional foundations.  These connections between diet, lifestyle and your current state of well being will allow us to create your individual nutritional plan.

  •  Functional Evaluation and Lingual-Neuro Testing, 90-minutes $90

Based on your responses to the online nutritional assessment questionnaire, I perform a hands-on evaluation looking for weakness through palpating specific reflexes to identify conditions and deficiencies relating to your nutritional foundations.  To put it simply, your body tells us what it needs.  Lingual-neuro testing is a valuable biofeedback tool that enables me to determine individualized nutritional supplementation to further customize your nutritional plan, if desired.  (Cost of supplements not included)

  •  Follow-up Consultation, 30 or 60-minutes $30/$60

Coaching weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, whichever best fits with your nutritional goals.  These appointments can be over the phone, facetime, skype or in-person.

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Get Started Package, $225


  • Initial Nutritional Therapy Consult
  • Individualized Nutrition Plan
  • 4 Follow-up Consultations*

Get Started Package + Functional Evaluation, $300


  • Initial Nutritional Therapy Consult
  • Functional Evaluation and Lingual-neuro Testing
  • Individualized Nutrition Plan
  • 4 Follow-up Consultations*

Cost of supplements is additional and not included.  All active clients receive a discount on supplement prices, inquire for details. *Unused Follow-up Consultation sessions expire 6 months from package start.

Additional services provided @ $60 per hour.

Additional Services:

  • Grocery Store and Farmer Market Tours
  • Custom Recipes
  • Meal Planning
  • Pantry Makeovers
  • Cooking Groups


I look forward to working with you.

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