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Happy clients!


Healing with food is powerful.  Here are what some happy Soulpolish Nutrition clients are saying…

Before working with Rachel, I had no idea what was going on with me, just a laundry list of issues. Rachel was so attentive, listened, and was incredibly thorough and patient in trying to figure out what was going on. She adapted a plan to balance with my already existing lifestyle and cooking habits, and was able to prioritize what to tackle/ eliminate/ examine first. She was flexible with my fussy habits, always available with answers to my onslaught of questions, and able to find ways to work with my diet, preferences, lifestyle, and family. After working with her and creating a plan that works for my family and me, I feel so much better and we are all eating healthier and feeling better!

~Ashley M.

I have struggled with IBS for many years and with the recommendations and guidance from Rachel, it has completely resolved. No more uncomfortable surprise visits and much more regularity. Thank you, Rachel.

~Rebecca S.

Rachel lead me in a 10 day sugar detox group. She was very motivational and encouraging throughout the challenge. She provided support and accountability throughout. There were multiple times during this challenge where I found myself asking “what would Rachel do?”. Rachel shared her wealth of knowledge on the gut and digestion and she made herself available throughout this group. Rachel provided a sample menu and helped identify foods that would help to fight sugar cravings. Rachel helps to make sure that my gut is healthy so that I can listen to those “gut feelings”.

~Katrina T.

My teenage daughter was having extreme issues with her digestion, to the point where she was in tears every time she ate. Rachel was able to suggest an anti-inflammatory, elimination diet and supplements to calm her system down and for us to identify the food allergens that were causing her to be ill. Since then, the symptoms have gone away and my daughter is much more comfortable. Thanks, Rachel!

Maja R.