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Feel The Bern! FREE PRINTABLE BERNIE SANDERS POSTER. Your Healthy Body is a Socialist Community.

If your healthy cells, organs and systems wanted to name their political philosophy they’d be socialist and you’d be their egalitarian leader.  Why don’t we try treating the country like a healthy body?  We have the chance now!  Elect Bernie Sanders and put the “We” back in  “We The People”.  Right click this image and “download” or “save […]

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Big Toe Alignment and Arch Support.

So simple, yet so overlooked.  I wish I had learned this before my feet had become weak, floppy paddles (read more about that here).  Sure there’s tibialis posterior, anterior, etc., + the myriad of intertwined soft tissues comprising your body’s tensegrity that have a role in controlling the arch too.  But the majority of work anchoring the supporting ends of the medial arch, […]

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