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Rooted Movement

Rooted Movement is a unique method of self-awareness training, teaching sustainable postural comfort, movement and energetically efficient body mechanics.  Taught with the hands-on techniques of  Technesoma myofascial therapy, the combination is a potent recipe for lasting change.


Myofascial Bodywork,

Natural Foot Health & Structural Anatomy,

If you know your center, you can help others find theirs:

“I pinched myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming.

Five years into my Bodywork Career I realized I was ending my work days feeling less-stressed, better aligned and more self-aware than when I arrived in the morning!

How could it be? How was I experiencing this blessing so starkly opposed to the usual effects of work-a-day stress, tension and discomfort?  How was it I was earning my living helping others release the very work-a-day discomfort I was now free of, while I performed a far more physical job, comparatively?

Serendipity brought opportunity to train simultaneously in Advanced Myofascial Techniques and Martial Arts (JKD & Wing Chun).  While I was introduced to feelings of fascial integrity and freedom by AMT, I was challenged by two principles of JKD (Bruce Lee’s art):  ECONOMY OF MOTION, (in other words: no wasted motion) – all contraction aids/accelerates movement in direction of intent, and NON-TELEGRAPHIC MOTION, (in other words: not giving away your intended movement to your opponent through visible contraction or motion).  By adding my newfound fascial self-awareness and skills in movement to my experience with Reiki, Shamanism and mind-body techniques, the underpinnings of Rooted Movement were set.

I can’t explain all of the science at work behind my experiences and sensations; I don’t trust that science is capable to explain it yet.  Science is currently inadequate to explain Chi, yet countless people have benefitted from a medical system that makes pragmatic use of Chi for thousands of years.  I remind myself that Native Americans used Willow bark to treat headaches thousands of years before science had ability to “discover” the aspirin within.

Rooted Movement evolved from my play with the experiences and knowledge I continually returned to within my own healing journey.  This was always guided by my sensation of resonance and agreement between heart and mind.

If you think and feel, you don’t always need science to trust your experience!

Seriously, trust yourself and be here now!

Make each moment of your day a meditation and practice in soft, open, sensitive, energetic, conscious, intentionally grounded, supported center, and it’s movement.

You’ll know it when you feel it.”

Aaron on the origins of Rooted Movement.

Aaron looks forward to sharing the recipe and ingredients that became this wonderful art. Through the four Rooted Movement Seminars, the stories and experiences shared, you’ll be empowered to create your own recipe of bliss to share with yourself, and your clients:

1.Rooted Movement: Roots 

    Techniques for foot health & lower body integrity.

2. Rooted Movement: Canopy

    Techniques for upper body health and integrity.

3. Rooted Movement: Trunk

    Techniques for core health and integrity.

4. Rooted Movement: Integrate

    Techniques for trauma and mind-body integrity.

Please check out these videos explaining Dominant Support Leg, what I sometimes refer to as “Primary Relationship”.  Primary relationship is the foundation all other movements and expressions of force are built upon.  Asymmetries from this relationship can be the sole source of pain for some clients.

Rethinking Dominant Leg: The Art of Rooted Movement

Assessing Dominant Support Leg

Take a 2 CE 2 hour intro class, or a 7 CE 1-day seminar, and explore anatomy responsible for energetic stability and power. Learn and begin to train unique movement patterns for efficient, comfortable body mechanics and career longevity.





Interested in bringing Rooted Movement Classes to your community?  I’d love to come visit and share with you!  Contact

Aaron Gustafson is approved by the National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education Approved Provider. #450969-09