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Fees & Pricing

Fees (fees shown reflect time-of-service discount for payment at time of service, or prepayment.)

Self-referred relaxation sessions:

-60 minutes: $125.00

-90 minutes: $150.00 ($125 for 60 minutes + $25 upgrade to 90 minutes discount voucher*)

*Upgrade voucher promotion valid 1-1-23 through 12-31-23, upgrade vouchers only valid for self-referred relaxation myofascial massage with time-of-service payment.

Medical Myofascial Massage and Billed Service Fees:

Rates listed are per unit.  One unit = 15 minutes, 4 units = 60 minutes, 6 units = 90 minutes

-Medical Myofascial Massage (Physician referred): CPT codes: 97140 and 97124, billed @ $50.00 per unit.

-Rate for Physician Referred Massage, intended for treatment of diagnosed acute injuries or management of diagnosed conditions.  Utilizes localized treatment and injury specific techniques, including active client participation and dialogue to increase movement and sensation safety during the healing or management process.  Includes communication, as needed**, with other Treatment Providers, Insurance Companies, and Legal Professionals.

**Additional fees may apply depending on the amount of time needed for correspondence and interaction with your health care and legal team.

-Relaxation Myofascial Massage: CPT code 8E0KX1Z, billed rate = $39.10 per unit.

Billed Rate for self-referred Relaxation Massage, intended to help with the tensions, restrictions, aches and pains of normal life.  Utilizes whole-body balancing techniques and techniques to relieve local restrictions and uncomfortable movements to further facilitate whole-body balance and comfort.  Encourages passive relaxation with minimal active client participation and dialogue.

Time of Service Discount: 20% off for pre-payment or payment at the time your session.

Example of Discount:  Relaxation Myofascial Massage: 4 units (60 min) = $39.10 x 4 = $156.40 – 20% ($31.28) = $125.12 (Rounded = $125.00)