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Covid-19 Re-opening Survey

Hi Everybody, I’ve missed you! With the Phase 1 reopening for Multnomah County possibly starting soon, I’m keeping tabs on the requirements and regulations to safely conduct the practice of massage. They are not finalized yet and I’ll be learning more as we go. This 9 question survey will help me get a sense of if you are ready to roll with changes we already know about, or help me learn what more I can do to ensure a safe and comfortable experience for you. This survey may be submitted anonymously, or you may share your name to provide more personalized feedback. Thanks for your help!

#1. Do you plan to resume using personal services such as Massage, Hairstylists, etc. as soon as possible? *
#2. Are you willing to wait in your car until called to come in for your appointment?*
#3. Are you willing to wear a face mask during your massage?*
#4. Are you comfortable receiving massage if I am wearing Gloves? *
#5. Would you be more comfortable receiving Massage @ your home or at an office?*
Please share any additional thoughts about location:
#6. Are you willing to fill out and submit your intake forms online? (It would be a form like this one.)*
#7. Are you willing to pre-pay online to avoid extra transactions and contact?*
#8. What fee would you be comfortable with to cover the cost of additional PPE & Cleaning Supplies for your session? *
#9. Is there anything else I should know that will help you be more comfortable reentering the world of Massage?
Name: If you'd like me to know who you are. Leave blank if you'd prefer to be anonymous.