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  This Vlog exists so comfort may be free.  The word comfort comes from Latin: Confortare; to strengthen.  We now use it to describe physical ease.  Life is easier when you feel strong.  Inspired by the epidemic weakness of our economy, leaders and national morale (Oct. 2008), this Vlog sets in motion “Geyser-Up Economics” – Freely available comfort and strength spouting from the ground through the lower classes and on up.

    How?  Through sharing knowledge of our Vertical Energy Relationship with Gravity and Earth (VERGE).  Everyone can conserve energy and build strength by finding our “tree in our trunk”, (our skeleton) and keeping it well balanced in gravity.  Many of us have held a bike between our legs and have felt how light it feels when it’s balanced straight up and down.  If we tip it to the side, we feel it become heavier. The further from vertical it gets, the heavier it becomes and we expend more energy to keep it from falling.  Our skeletons work in the same way!  Except that the only thing we can really grab for leverage when our skeleton is tipping is our skeleton! This becomes a much more uncomfortable situation… that you can feel your way out of!

     I’m lazy; this drives me to efficiency.  Meditate with “Do the least to accomplish the most.” as a mantra.

    These exercises explore this mantra within our bodies.  Once we’ve anchored this memory of ease in our bodies, we can start to recognize and feel this ease in our external experiences too.

    This video resource is a tool for my clients.  I teach these exercises to help clients comfortably build balanced physical foundations.  These videos allow us to spend less session time building foundations and more time building comfy, artful beings, resting stably upon those foundations.  These are intended to be enjoyable exercises. They are not intended to take the place of a Doctor’s care. If you are experiencing pain while playing with these ideas: STOP and call for help!  Sensations more intense than what feel like a comfortable stretch can indicate you are damaging your tissue.  Comfort cannot be forced, it has to be invited and allowed by going slowly and listening attentively to what our bodies are telling us.  Please share this site with those you care about.

Thank you & be well,

Aaron Gustafson LMT, CAMT & Reiki Master