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Reiki was developed to be a system that allows anyone to be connected permanently to a source of healing energy, and the ability to channel it without having to undergo many years of practice.  They can learn to pass this ability on to other people very simply.

Although Reiki is generally promoted within the West as a healing system, another intent was the personal and spiritual growth that would be experienced through the system: to know one’s true purpose in life and be content, to heal oneself and find one’s spiritual path, and ultimately achieve satori (enlightenment).

Reiki is traditionally taught in three different degrees.  The First Degree is the initiation/introduction to channeling Reiki and offers tangible experience and practice with this wonderful energy. The Second Degree offers tools for working in deeper and more expansive ways with Reiki, and the Third Degree teaches the tools necessary to pass the ability to channel Reiki onto others.