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Rooted Movement: Trunk

Rooted Movement: Trunk

Techniques for Core Health and Integrity.

Massage & Manual Therapists:

All courses offer NCBTMB continuing education credit.

Aaron Gustafson is Approved by the National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education Approved Provider .  #450969-09

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Generating comfort within your own skin.

Rooted Movement seminars provide experiences that plant Idea Seeds.  They’re perennial and continue to grow when nurtured with intentional, playful practice.

-Let the ideas have a place in your thoughts.

-Play with and apply them when thought of.

-Ask all questions, follow where they lead.

-Repeat, indefinitely.

Got Psoas

Rooted Movement: Trunk focuses on Psoas health and ‘Core’ anatomy as it relates to whole-body function and economy of motion (influenced by Wing Chun Kung Fu and the pioneering Martial Arts work of Bruce Lee), and will plant these Idea Seeds:

1. Feelings of Myofascial balance and resiliently powerful musculoskeletal tensegrity.

2. A relaxed, sensitive, grounded center and structure.

3. Thinking like a tree: vertical access to Chi (Life force).

4. Sensation-Awareness-Release cycle, the opposite of the pain-spasm-pain cycle. Explore the possibilities that lie beyond no-sensation toward ecstasy.

5. Release to move, move to release. (Non-telegraphic, distally-intrinsically-recruited economy of motion.) -Nuggets of Martial Arts wisdom thanks to Bruce Lee.

Make every moment of your day a meditation and practice in soft, open, sensitive, energetic, conscious, intentionally grounded and supported center.

Deepen your experience.

Take a 2 hour, 2 CE intro class*, or a 7 CE 1-day seminar*, and explore the skeletal and fascial anatomy responsible for energetic stability and power. Learn and begin to train unique movement patterns for efficient, comfortable body mechanics and career longevity.

2 hour intro presents the Rooted Movement philosophy of whole-body integrity, managed by healthy Psoas.  Learn an innovative treatment approach to restore balance, ease of motion, and powerful function.  Soften to the core, and draw power from the core.  Extremely relevant to manual therapists and their hard-working bodies, learn principles to work with greater ease.

-7 hour, 1-Day Seminar covers the above, plus training and practice in hands-on myofascial and bodywork techniques to assess and treat neurofascial core imbalances and recruitment patterns that can be detrimental to whole-body function. Learn to help cultivate balance and economy of motion in yourself and your clients.