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Correct Toes

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The only rehabilitative 5-toe spacer for use in footwear* while active & weight bearing!

  • Treats:
    • -Bunions
    • -Hallux Limitus and Rigidus
    • -Ingrown Toenails
    • -Corns
    • -Plantar Fasciosis (Fasciitis)
    • -Heel Pain
    • -Neuromas
    • -Capsulitis
    • -Runners Knee
    • -Lower Leg Pain

Correct Toes help hold alignment while you strengthen it.

Available in Xsmall, Small, Medium or Large.  Sizing chart below.

Try them risk-free!  Return them for any reason, even if modified, within 30 days for a refund of the purchase price.  90 day materials warranty.

Free shipping in the contiguous US.

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Correct toes Instructions and owners manual.

Click to open the Correct Toes Owners Manual.

Correct Toes inventor, Dr. Ray McClanahan DPM, describes the arch-supporting benefits of restoring natural toe alignment and function with Correct Toes, in our Natural Foot Wisdom video below.  Correct Toes toe spacers were a game changer as they were the first 5-toe spacer that could be worn in appropriate shoes while active.  The video was the first to show what Correct Toes were truly meant to do, helped Correct toes spread internationally and eventually led to my work at Correct Toes as Marketing Director, training new health care providers in Correct Toes use, creating their Youtube videos and establishing Correct Toes internationally.  Be sure to watch Big Toe Alignment and Arch Support showing the primary muscles and alignment you’ll be working to train and ultimately maintain as a healthy, happy owner/operator of feet with functional arches.  Correct Toes help maintain and suggest alignment, until you’ve strengthened the structure to hold it’s own. Much like braces for teeth, you may stop using them when proper function and alignment are achieved.  Work toward foot health while enjoying your favorite activities when using Correct Toes in footwear that allow the natural shape of your foot. See use and build-up instructions.  Toe socks, minimal foot-shaped shoes, and metatarsal pads can be used with Correct Toes while active.  Add in you, the curious and responsible owner/operator of your feet and you have the ingredients needed to start rehabilitating your feet today!

Transcend Bodywork has the longest history successfully helping people implement Correct Toes via the internet beside the manufacturer.  It started when Aaron was introduced to Correct Toes and Dr. Ray, by a colleague who read Aaron’s blog about working to restore his foot own function, and figuring he and Dr. Ray would hit it off.  After Dr. Ray experienced Aaron’s hands-on bodywork and learned of the tensegrity model guiding Aaron’s work, he invited Aaron to bring his video camera along while he received treatment from Dr. Ray, and was taught about Correct Toes.  Their collaboration resulted in the first video that truly showed how Natural Foot Posture and Rehabilitation was innovative and contrary to messages the footwear industry and dependency-based medical system have been erroneously teaching us: that our “flawed feet” require ongoing dependence on their external technology and treatments to manage the problems actually created by the posture-deforming shoe features meant to manage them! Watch the product overview video, to learn the why and how + modifications you can make to fit your specific feet: (Even modified Correct Toes are covered by the 30 day money-back guarantee!)  Scroll beneath the video for an index, each chapter title is listed with – the time the chapter begins.

1. The Correct Toes story & overview – 0:00
2. Sizing – 3:00
3. Putting on & taking off Correct Toes – 3:18
4. Modifications to fit unique feet – 4:04
-a. Tools needed – 4:18
-b. Irritation or rubbing – 4:36
-c. Too much pinky toe spread – 5:14
-d. Correct Toes slide off – 7:51
-e. Correct Toes too tight – 10:03
-f. Need additional spacing for a bunion or tailor’s bunion – 11:44
-g. Hammertoe knuckle irritation – 13:34
-h. Corn irritation – 14:30
-i. Webbed toes – 15:37
-j. Large size specific modification – 17:00
5. Dr. Ray’s well-wish 18:18

Check out this infographic to explaining the tools you’ll find useful:  The philosophy and method is simple: using patience and discipline, work to build up and maintain strength and function.  Empower your foot to be a foot! Click to enlarge:

Foot Health Tools 2015

*Footwear must be widest at the tips of the toes, able to accommodate Correct Toes without squeezing.


Lems Shoes Orders will ship directly from Lems and separately from the rest of your order.  Lems returns are also handled directly through Lems Shoes; your shoe shipment will contain separate instruction for exchange or return.


Additional information

Size: see sizing chart below.

XSmall, Small, Medium, Large

4 reviews for Correct Toes

  1. msinclair_us (verified owner)

    Correct Toes have really helped my foot to relax. My runners knee is better. Thank you!!!

  2. rebekas4 (verified owner)

    My Correct Toes have made pain free walking due to a bunion. I don’t leave the house without them.

  3. Victoria (verified owner)

    Correct toes are amazing! Modern life says squish your toes, but our ancestors had toes with space in between them for better balance and contact with the surface. If you wear them you wil be surprised how much better your feet feel and it all helps to align your posture. What a cool invention to help us get ‘back’ to better health! Hooray!

  4. cummings_shelby (verified owner)

    Correct Toes have made walking pain free for me. I’ve had issues with my knee and calf, but as soon as I started wearing my Correct Toes regularly the pain went away. I highly recommend trying Correct Toes.

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