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Sugar Presentation Resources

Sugar: What’s it really doing to us?

Presenter: Rachel Gustafson BS, NTP




Nutritional Therapy Association

 American Heart Association


 Guard your health – Your body on sugar

 Addiction – America’s addiction to sugar

Sugar vs. Cocaine


Video resources:

What does sugar actually do to your body?

How sugar affects the brain.

Sugar hiding in plain sight.

Ideas for in the classroom:

Grow a garden – food scraps or seeds

Make stone soup

Make sweets vs. real food chart

Bake together

Make a rainbow with fresh fruits and veggies

Make your own healthy foods plate

Use sugar cubes to show how much sugar is in different foods

Field trips – farmers market, grocery store, apple festival, urban farm

Resources for families:

 Encourage healthy snacks, and if applicable healthy lunch options

Have a no juice policy

Share this sugar training information with families at conferences, or weekly newsletters.

Have a veggie or fruit of the week.

Keep communicating with families

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