Economic Body

This video conveys some fundamental philosophical underpinnings of my healing work, as narrative visual art. Economy comes from “oikonomia- household management”, your body is your household, your consciousness is the inhabitant that does the managing. These metaphors apply to the macrocosm as well the microcosm, Earth: our collective household, Humanity: the collective inhabitant, Economy: the energetic expression of how we collectively manage the globe. The inhabitants must be paying attention to manage pragmatically. What we pay attention to gets cared for, and this video is intended to initiate a cascade of caring attention. Wanna discuss it? Go to my Transcend Bodywork Facebook Page and join the discussion forum. Sometimes we need some extra energy input into our systems, to notice the imbalances we’ve normalized the feeling of. This is one of the immense values of therapeutic pursuits: therapy, bodywork, counseling meditation, yoga, pilates, etc. etc. they provide the boost of energetic feedback needed to help you notice what perhaps you could not feel. I’ve been enjoying utilizing Correct Toes as a Therapeutic Catalyst, as they draw my awareness all the way through my nervous system and body to the tips of my toes while encouraging economic structural alignment from the foundation up. Try them, you’ll be amazed at what they help you notice.

Enjoy Comfortably,