One Day Run For Hunger

One Day Run For Hunger

I enjoyed an opportunity to hang on Leif’s Crew and tag along with him for a couple of laps while he logged miles at the Pacific Rim One Day Run.

Leif ran the event on behalf of the Oregon Food Bank generating over $1000 in donations for them. He deemed it the One Day Run For Hunger. I have the feeling the success of the event will have us seeing more Runs for “fill in the blank charity” striding from Leif’s feet. Read his race report and follow his adventures @ and follow him on twitter

Enjoy this video tribute to Leif’s Ultra, I hope you notice and appreciate the naturalness of Leif’s stride and feet as much as I do. His feet work within millimeters of the ground saving precious energy. I can’t imagine each step looking as comfy if his heel needed to accommodate a large heel cushion between he and the ground, as you’d find in a “traditional” running shoe. Leif covered 6 miles barefoot, but the pointy gravel on 80% of the path urged him into his minimalist Vibram Five Fingers for 98.5 miles of his run.

This was my first exposure to a marathon/ultra marathon. I’m just now enjoying running for the first time in my life, now that I’ve embraced natural foot health/footwear, and the idea that I can support myself. I haven’t contemplated anything as glorious as an organized running event. I came to natural foot health through my work helping folks learn to stand and move comfortably and sustainably.

I couldn’t help but be inspired that Leif was “minimally armored” compared to many other participants. Everyone else was in “traditional” running shoes. I saw numerous compression socks/sleeves, patellar tracking bands, packets of pills, bottles of ibuprofen, stories of injuries, people limping, faces grimacing, an impressive feat of will for every single runner.

Plain and simple, Leif comfortably and sustainably runs naturally. Stay tuned for our upcoming book about natural foot health, and start to imagine how great you’ll feel when you know you’re naturally supporting yourself.

Enjoy comfortably,


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