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~ Sometimes you need a little bling ~


Got running bling?

Don’t get me wrong…I do love my Lems Primal 2s, but lately I’ve been dealing with a sore right heel and some swelling on my left ankle (tendonitis).   So, a little support sometimes is needed.  It’s ok.  I call this my running bling.  My bling includes; Altra 3 sums (nice name hah? also, I take the insoles out of them), along with wearing my Correct Toes, Injinji socks and Zensah compression ankle supports!  Here’s me after a run with my bling.

running bling

Most runs I don’t wear my Correct Toes anymore because the injinji socks allow my toes freedom to move, and my free toes now prefer choosing where to move over being told where to move by Correct Toes during my runs.  While at home, I find Correct Toes do help to provide a foundation to help my workout muscles relax.

During my transition into a minimal shoe, which as I’m finding takes years because I’m about 5 years in and still am seeing these tiny hiccups!  I do continue to see progress…my feet actually have gone down a size because it’s become stronger.  One huge observation is I used to wear a size 91/2, now I’m a 9.  My brilliant husband, Aaron Gustafson, LMT, CAMT II, helps explain this to me,” because my formerly lazy arches and movement habits allowed my foot to pronate and rest on external arch supports, which has now been replaced by strong musculature and arches that support themselves as co-ordinated by my nervous system which in return I’ve seen my foot go down a size.”  During this rehabilitation of 5 years and counting I’ve worn various minimal footwear (which includes Vivobarefoot, Merrells, Lems, Sseko sandals), correct toes and metatarsal pads and Injinji socks.  During this process my foot has gone down a size, but as we all know we’re all unique and this rehabilitation process can be different for everyone.  We’ve seen feet lengthen and widen too.  Take your time and enjoy your progress!  It’s quite freeing to allow your feet to spread naturally!

Yesterday, on my run I didn’t wear all my bling, but I did wear my Altra’s and Injinji’s and felt great!  For me running is a love/hate relationship and yesterday I was in love!

feet on mural

Our neighborhood came together and painted a mural on our street this weekend and now I get to enjoy ending a run through some color!

Hope this helps and moves you in a healthy running direction.

Be well,







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